Creative Director, Thoughtful Human, Collaborative Maker


A guy from Ohio with a dog from Africa, a cocktail from Holland, a husband from the Philippines, and a career in New York

Starting as an ice cream scooper at the local dairy and ice cream shop—the same one where his grandfather was a milk man—in his home town in rural Ohio, Chuck has always shown a curiosity in how people interact with art, design, and business. That innate human need to be able to connect with others through experience and design has been the beacon throughout his life. It’s this drive, coupled with his upbeat personality and creative thinking, that underpins the challenges he tackles to expand his expertise and better serve his client partnerships and personal development.

As a human first and a designer second, every day, every task, every adventure influences and evolves his perspective and how he applies his thinking to the world that he creates and lives within. The insights uncovered through the interactions between people, things, and cultures define who we are and how we live and are at the core of how he solves problems.

Chuck graduated from University of the Arts in Philadelphia and started his professional journey with Chermayeff & Geismar, an internationally known and respected design agency, working on cultural, corporate, and experiential design challenges. He's worked in-house with The New Victory Theater/The New 42nd Street and ran his own studio, Deluxe Design for Work + Leisure with his allegedly talented friend and colleague, Weston Bingham. His curiosity to experience smaller niche studios found him at Smart Design and Red Sky Interactive. His big agency experience came when he joined at BIG at Ogilvy & Mather (a design studio within a larger ad agency) that eventually merged with Brand Union (a larger branding agency with an embedded ad studio).  Most recently, he tasked himself with polishing his strategic skills, experiential design, and user experience while working with the brilliant and positive people at SY/Partners. He is now on the hunt for challenges, big and small. Near and far. Short-term and long-term. 

In the end, Chuck looks at the world as more than demographics and archetypes, it's emotion, empathy, and local and global cultures as we know them today. Wanna work together? Let’s talk!

Curated Skills

Advertising; Animation; B2B, B2B2C, and B2C; Brand Analysis, Branding, Identity, Stewardship, and Strategy; Complex Systems; Content Development and Strategy; CPG; Creative Direction; Data Visualization; Design Development, Direction, and Strategy; Digital; Environmental; Experiential; Guidelines; Identity Systems; Industrial Design; In-house; Interactive; Lighting Design; Luxury; Marketing; Naming, Packaging; Persona Development; POS; Presentation Design; Product Development and Innovation; Production; Retail; Signage; Social Media; Spirits; Technology; UX; Video

Brave Clients

American Express, Amgen, Atento, Basis 100, Bayer, Blackrock, BP, Bronx Zoo: World of Birds, Chemours, Citizen’s Bank, The Coca-cola Company, Conduent, Corcoran Gallery, Delta Airlines, DiGennaro Communications, DOE, DuPont, Earth Choice, Flonase, Fris, Fruit of the Harvest Records, Gemini Consulting, Gramavision, GSK, Hairzone, Helman’s, Hudson Franklin, Human Rights Watch, IBM, IDCA, ISI, Issey Miyake Pleats Please, Jameson, Janou Pakter, Kahlúa, Kaplan University, Kodak, Kraft, Lincoln Center of the Performing Arts, Lincoln Center Theater, The Mutual, The New 42nd Street, New Victory Theater, Octel Corp., Pernod Ricard, Perrier, Redlight Children, Rose Associates, Samsung, ScoreBig, Seagram Universal, Smart Design, SOBs, SPX, Starbucks, Tenth Avenue,, Time Warner Cable, Travel Channel, Tribeca Film Festival, Tricon Global (Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC), Trojan Condoms, Ultrafabrics, Westvaco, Wyborova, Yahoo!, Yuban Coffee

Talented Partners

Alex Villarino, Alissa Burmeister, Allbriton Robbins, Allen Hori, Amanda Bowers, Anisa Suthayalai, Anthony Stein, Apirat Infahsaeng, Arthur Chang, Brian Collins, Bruno Nesci, Charlie Lebess, Chris DeCicco, Chris Lo, Christian Cervantes, David Fowler, David Harlan, Dickie Steele, Eitan Chitayat, Eliza Fitzhugh, Eric Zuncic, Fred Richards, Guy Shahar, Ib Gillett, Jimmy Stones, Jung Kim, Kapono Chung, Mark Aver, Mark Lee, Matt Kerns, Matt Roth, Monica Ponce de Leon, Nadir Tehrani, Raja Shamas, Richard Bates, Rick Clapp, Rob Scalea, Sam Farfsing, Sarah O’Neil, Sharon Johnston, Sheila Sheedy, Steven O’Neil, Thomas Winkleman, Toby Southgate, Wally Krantz, Weston Bingham

Bold Agencies

AKQA, And Partners, Belk Mignona, BIG at Ogilvy & Mather, Brand Union, Busk, Chermayeff & Geismar, Comedy Central In-house Design Group, Deluxe Design for Work + Leisure, The Delve Group, Edelman, Glazier + Kalayjian, Nuforia, Red Sky Interactive, Smart Design, SY/Partners