Creative Director, Thoughtful Human, Collaborative Maker

[Global Tech Enterprise Z] [Business Unit]

[Global Tech Enterprise Z] [Business Unit]*

* Names redacted to protect the innocent

A new leader was faced with the daunting task of merging two disparate groups within the Research department. Two unique cultures intertwined but seemingly unclear of the process of the other. All with the common aspiration to make their “Beautiful Idea” the next [big tech innovation].


uncovering the need

Through extensive interviews, prototyping of their process model, and an understanding of the organizations needs, we uncovered two common themes at play: a lack of appropriate resources and a desire to work with each other to bring ideas to a commercial platform faster.


Our vision was simple, two days of getting to know each other away from their daily world to encourage new ways of working, team building, and a greater understanding of how to achieve their individual goals, faster. 



As a warm-up exercise, giant colorful Eames-inspired cards were used to share each attendee's “Beautiful Idea”. The two groups slowly became one in the form of a sculpture as a way for them to build this new enterprise together. Satisfying a curiosity about their peer motivations, the group saw themselves as kindred spirits— likeminded people with a collective goal to create impact using their minds. 

Embracing the "new" model

To understand the working process between the two groups, teams worked through a physical model of the process (think, visual roadmap) using four pre-selected in-progress initiatives within the [Business Unit]. Success was achieved as the groups uncovered common issues, struggles, and potential solutions for maximum scalability of their respective initiatives.

Not only did the leadership team appreciate and understand the level of detail and work that went in to developing the materials and exercises, they understood how they can operationalize faster, more thoughtfully, and with greater impact. After day one of the two-day summit, the SVP with the full support of his team challenged each to go through the project mapping with another current Initiatives. 

On day two, many of the attendees repeated the exact words we used to describe the intent of the two day session. They now understood the importance of “learning new ways of working” and how to build their teams more effectively to bring their beautiful ideas to commercialization faster, more efficiently, and with greater impact.