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Finally, a breath of fresh air from behind to over of the counter

Three allergy sufferer insights drove our vision for the Rx to OTC rebrand and relaunch:
1. A new, disruptive custom solution is necessary to help solve the problem;
2. Beyond brand loyalty, shopping by a list of symptoms is the norm;
3. Empathic strength holds the broadest appeal

The vision: Build a colorful and easy to comprehend brand that confidently represents a full spectrum of relief for everyone

As the reinvigorated nasal spray acts as a disrupter to an ever-growing category of allergy medications, the brand itself needed to reflect the same attitude. My team took that to heart and developed a brand that does not appear like any other in the category. Capitalizing on traditional in and out of category pharma cues, we built a brand that felt disruptive to the space, communicated the idea of full spectrum relief, and embraced its inner strength and understanding allergy relief.

The result was one of the largest and most successful launches for GSK. With development and release of new product lines, the brand was built to house a growing family of products (both old and new) that will continue to provide the best options in an increasingly crowded market.